Message From The Executive Director

I am happy to announce that we will now be known as CEC Health Care. This name change will underscore our commitment to partnering with those we serve in promoting their health and overall well-being. The name “Charles Evans Center” did not seem to covey to the public that we are a health care company. The name “CEC Health Care” will tell people who we are and what we do, in a more direct, concise way.

Over the next few weeks we look forward to rolling out our rebranded material including our website, social media, printed materials and signage. The name and logo update will be for marketing purposes. Our corporate name will remain the Charles Evans Center.

Please look out for the announcement to the public on our social media platforms!

Thank you,

James R. Dolan, Jr., DSW, LCSW

Mission of CEC Health Care

To provide access to high-quality and comprehensive medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare. To improve the well-being and quality of life of individuals who have historically been medically underserved. CEC’s unique approach to healthcare includes:

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Healthcare at an Affordable Cost
  • Multilingual Services

CEC Health Care, formerly known as the Charles Evans Center (CEC), is a not-for-profit organization that operates a Federally Qualified Health Center, various licensed behavioral health treatment services, specialized support services, and a mental health residential program.

In Fall of 2023, we began “doing business as” CEC Health Care to reflect the expansion of services offered at all three of our locations. Learn more about our history here.

We are proud to provide Care with Excellence and Compassion to underrepresented populations, and we always strive to meet the unique healthcare needs of each person served, including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and those with serious mental health and substance use concerns.

Learn more about our services here and our truly integrated, and culturally informed approach to care delivery. Our services are available to all community members and Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, and private insurance plans are accepted. We also provide care to individuals with limited incomes with a focus on preventative healthcare and wraparound supportive services to ensure healthy lifestyles.


Who Was Charles Evans?

Charles Evans (May 13, 1926 – June 2, 2007) was an American business leader and philanthropist. He co-founded the women’s fashion house Evan-Picone in 1949 and sold it to Revlon in 1962.

In 1988, Evans founded the Charles Evans Foundation to carry on his wide range of interests in charitable giving. Among his other giving endeavors, in 2011, the foundation helped fund a state-of-the-art healthcare facility for people with developmental disabilities for the nonprofit group Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities Inc. The building was named the Charles Evans Health Services Center.

In 2023, the Charles Evans Center began doing business as CEC Health Care. This name change underscored our commitment to partnering with those we serve in promoting their health and overall well-being, and tells people who we are and what we do, in a more direct, concise way. Additionally, the use of “CEC” in the name preserves the legacy of Charles Evans and his wonderful work.