Outreach, Assessments & Referrals

Outreach, Assessments & Referrals

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic

The CEC Health Care CCBHC (Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic) provides:

  • Comprehensive, coordinated mental health and substance use services appropriate for individuals across the life span.
  • Increased access to high-quality community mental health and substance use care, including crisis care.
  • Integrated person- and family-centered services, driven by the needs and preferences of people receiving services and their families.
  • A range of evidence-based practices, services, and supports to meet the needs of their communities.
  • Services to anyone seeking help for a mental health or substance use condition, regardless of their diagnosis, place of residence, or ability to pay.

Community Mental Health Promotion and Support

The CEC Health Care Community Mental Health Promotion and Support (COMHPS) teams provides community engagement, mental health wellness promotion, individual screenings for mental health conditions, brief counseling, and referral to licensed mental health professionals. The COMHPS Program aims to support New Yorkers with subclinical mental health needs and establish, maintain, and improve individual and community mental health and wellness. The program offers supports through tabling events, by conducting trainings and groups, and through individual contact both in-person and via phone.