Provider and Service Search

Provider and Service Search

Primary Care Provider

  • Christine Brown, MD, Family Medicine Chief Medical Officer: Bethpage
  • Ivy Chung, MD, Internal Medicine: Bethpage, Hauppauge
  • Christina Balladin, FNP, Family Medicine: Glen Cove, Bethpage


  • Angelica Hernandez, MD OB-GYN: Bethpage
  • Christina Balladin, FNP, Board Certified Licensed Nurse Practitioner: Glen Cove, Bethpage


  • Judith Olshin, DDS, Director of Dentistry: Bethpage
  • Lewis O’Shea, DDS: Bethpage, Hauppauge
  • Dana Yusupov, DDS: Glen Cove


  • Richard Poniarski, Director of Psychiatric Services: Glen Cove
  • Dr. Dimple Sodhi, MD
  • Daniel Giedt, PMHNP: Glen Cove
  • Chi Truong-Leisner, PMHNP: Bethpage
  • Janine Fiorello, PMHNP: Bethpage


  • Dr. John Heverin: Bethpage


  • Leon Zacharowicz, MD: Bethpage


  • Janna Gefter, DPM: Bethpage

Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment

  • Nicole M DelGiudice, LCSW, ACSW, Director of Outpatient Services – Addiction Treatment Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Erin Barrett, ATR-BC, LCAT, Creative Arts Coordinator – Addiction Treatment and Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Rosa Marrazzo, LCSW, Assistant Director of Outpatient Services – Addiction Treatment and Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Silvana Morra, LMSW, Assistant Director for Admissions – Addiction Treatment Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Brandi Bell, LCSW – Addiction Treatment: Glen Cove
  • Cassandra Leone MHC, CASAC-T- Addiction Treatment: Glen Cove
  • Cheryl Friedman MHC, CASAC-T- LCSW, CASAC – Addiction Treatment: Glen Cove
  • Rachel Konel, MHC – Addiction Treatment: Glen Cove
  • Freya Read, CAT – Addiction Treatment: Glen Cove
  • Anna-Karin Demirciyan, LMHC – Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Edward Meyer, LCSW – Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Jennette Schray, MHC – Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Heather Trotta, CAT – Mental Health: Glen Cove
  • Sheridian Cortes Mendez, MSW – Mental Health: Glen Cove

Behavioral Health (Bethpage)

  • Andrea Pincus, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health
  • Sarah Silverstein, LCSW
  • Sara Berkowitz, LCSW
  • Nanette Gingo, LCSW
  • Laurie Kamerman, LCSW
  • Valeria Rivera, LCSW