Adult Care Coordination

Adult Care Coordination

Health Home – Care Coordination Program

CEC Health Care’s Home Care Program is a way to coordinate care for Medicaid patients who have complex chronic diseases and mental health disorders.

What is a Health Home?

A Health Home Care Program is not a building or a place. It is a program that helps you to manage all the care and services you need.

In a Health Home Care Program, you work closely with a specially-trained Care Coordinator, who helps you better understand and manage your conditions.

Your Care Coordinator works with you to create a plan of care that meets all of your physical, mental health, and social service needs. Then, they help you find the services and programs that are right for you.

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Want to learn more about CEC’s Health Home Program? We’d love to hear from you. Connect with our  Care Coordination Team. For general inquiries or assistance, call us at (516) 266-9020, ext. 4227.