Difference Between An Obgyn And Gynecologist

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OB-GYN:Gynecologist in Brentwood That Accepts Medicare

An Ob-gyn is a healthcare professional that specializes in female reproductive health. An ob-gyn specializes in both obstetrics (OB) and gynecology(GYN). Obstetrics involves working with pregnant women and delivering babies. Gynecology involves the female reproductive system and treating conditions like STIs and chronic pain. Most women see their ob-gyn at least once a year. However, an ob-gyn is a trained surgeon who can perform various procedures like cesarean sections, removing growths like ovarian cysts, hysterectomy and more! They also perform in-office procedures like pap smears, STI tests, fertility treats, and so on! Some women use their ob-gyn as their primary or only doctor because they can also address general health needs, fill and write prescriptions for common ailments, and perform bloodwork. 

Ob-GYN Specialities With Our Gynecologist in Brentwood That Accepts Medicare

As an ob-gyn, there is a wide range of specialities you can choose from. Some may specialize in obstetrics and care for pregnant women, while others only offer gynecological care and do not deliver babies. You can also choose to focus on a specific aspect within your field. For example if you are an obstetrician you may specialize in vaginal births after cesarean delivery. 

Ob-GYN Specialties:

  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialist
  • Reproductive endocrinologists
  • Gynecologic oncologists
  • Female pelvic specialists

When it comes to your reproductive health, you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible care. So, what is the difference between an obgyn and a gynecologist? An OBGYN is a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. This means that they are trained to provide care for women throughout their pregnancy and diagnose and treat problems with the female reproductive system. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

A gynecologist, on the other hand, is a doctor who specializes solely in the female reproductive system. This means that they are not trained to provide care for pregnant women, but they can still diagnose and treat problems with the reproductive system. So, which type of doctor should you see? If you are pregnant, or think you might be, then you will need to see an OBGYN. If you are not pregnant and have questions or concerns about your reproductive health, you can see an OBGYN or a gynecologist. Whichever type of doctor you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable with them and that they are able to answer all of your questions.

What Does It Take To Be An Obgyn?

Upon graduating from high school and college, a person must graduate from medical school. Medical school is four years long, and in the last two years medical students spend their time in clinics or hospitals as apprentices for doctors. After medical school, you need to practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor called residency. Residency is where a doctor would choose their specialty. An ob-gyn residency typically lasts four years; they will observe and perform procedures in these four years. After residency, a doctor will take specialty board examinations. If you wish to pursue additional board certifications you may need to take other board examinations. Lastly, to stay licensed as an ob-gyn, you must compete a certain number of continuing education credits each year. Most ob-gyns in addition to their job will also teach at medical schools, supervise residents, publish research or comment on other publications, and speak at conferences. 

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