Differentiating the Flu and COVID-19

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The Flu and COVID-19 are both very contagious illnesses. Some of the symptoms of both the Flu and COVID-19 are very similar in that in some cases. It may be hard to distinguish them from each other. Every person who comes in contact with this illness has different side effects because it doesn’t affect everyone. CEC Health Center, a Family Medicine Doctor in Brentwood that Accepts Medicaid, is here to help you. Schedule an appointment today to get tested if you’re developing any symptoms of COVID-19.

How COVID-19 and the Flu are similar?

These viruses are contagious and can be spread around to people in a rapid fashion. It’s scary because you know who can have this illness, so you must take extreme precautions while dealing with this. No matter who you are, it can spread amongst people instantly. This ranges from kids to adults and even older adults as well. Since every person who comes across these diseases is treated differently, some can experience mid to mild and severe conditions. These viruses can spread from person to person, being in contact with each other, and if a person touches another surface that you have touched. This is something that should be taken seriously and not lightly. A Family Medicine Doctor in Brentwood that Accepts Medicaid can show you how these viruses are similar.

Both COVID-19 and the Flu develop very similar symptoms in which you may be dealing with:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headache

People who get the Flu will eventually recover within a couple of days to a week at times. As stated above, everyone is different, and some people may be dealing with mild symptoms while others are very severe. Anyone can get this, even if you’re the healthiest person. If you start to develop any of the following symptoms, take immediate action for yourself. 

Anyone who has come across COVID-19 can deal with symptoms ranging anywhere from mild to very severe illness. Unlike when you get the Flu, with COVID, symptoms may start to appear anywhere between two and fourteen days from the time of exposure. COVID-19 seems to spread easier amongst people because you just don’t who has it. The person you may have gotten it from could have been exposed to many other people, and you didn’t know about it.

How COVID-19 and The Flu are different

Several different strains and types cause the Flu. Each strain varies year after year can be different from one another. If you were to be infected by the Flu, it could be about 1-4 days after exposure for you to develop any symptoms. If an infant and people with fragile immune systems come across vulnerability, they can be contagious for an extended period. However, even though this can be very severe, most people will recover within a week and possibly develop some complications. Also, the benefit of the Flu is that a vaccine is widely available, and anyone could obtain it. A Family Medicine Doctor in Brentwood that Accepts Medicaid would be able to give you an annual Flu shot today. Even though the Flu doesn’t protect you entirely from getting it, it reduces the risk substantially from obtaining it. This is why getting an annual flu vaccine is very important.

Although COVID-19 is very similar to the Flu, there are some differences as well. With COVID-19, you may experience some loss in either taste or smell. This strain is much more contagious than the Flu, therefore precautions should be highly recommended. There are a couple of ways to protect yourself from COVID-19:

  • Wearing a mask to help stop the spread of this illness.
  • Maintain at least a six feet social distance from others.
  • Avoid any crowds as much as possible. The more people that you come into contact with, the higher chance of spreading the virus.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces.

At the moment, the best way to protect yourself and others is to follow social distancing and safety protocols. Although a vaccine is a way for all of us to be protected, it’s best to try and stay as safe as possible. This can potentially help reduce the risk of coming across this illness.

Family Doctor in Brentwood that Accepts Medicaid

COVID-19 is a significant concern for all of us that we’re experiencing during this pandemic. CEC Health Center is a Family Medicine Doctor in Brentwood that Accepts Medicaid. We are offering virtual visits to our health centers to help stay safe during these unprecedented times. Thank you from the CEC Health Center.