Foot Strengthening Exercises

Do you experience aches and pains in your feet that make daily life difficult? Using our feet is vital to how we function. It is important to have strong feet that will get you through each day pain-free so you can be as active as possible. Are you looking for a podiatrist in Freeport that accepts medicare? Exercising and strengthening your feet can be confusing, but The CEC Health Center is here to help! We provide treatment, exercises, and guidance that will strengthen your feet for years. 

Causes of Foot Painpodiatrist in freeport that accepts medicare

The wear and tear we put our feet through will lead to aches and soreness if we don’t take care of them. Athletes commonly experience foot pain, which can also hinder performance. Injuries or conditions such as arthritis and diabetes can cause weak and pain-stricken feet, but you should be aware of these before you begin treatment. As a podiatrist in Freeport that accepts medicare, we recommend that you come in for a visit.

Exercises To Strengthen the Feet

If you’re looking for a podiatrist in Freeport that accepts medicare and can help you with foot strengthening exercises, The CEC Health Center is the place for you. Whether you’re looking for pain relief or want to have stronger feet, some examples of quality foot strengthening exercises are listed below:

  • Toe raise, point, and curl
  • Toe extension
  • Marble pickup
  • Big-toe stretch
  • Tennis ball roll
  • Achilles stretch
  • Sand Walking

It is Important to Warm Up Before and Avoid Painful Exercise/Stretching Sessions

Be sure to get the blood flowing in your feet before you do these exercises. If you’re doing them at home, take a walk around the house, take a quick walk or bike ride outside, or do whatever you need to get warmed up. It is also important to keep in mind that these exercises should not be painful. For example, don’t go so far if you feel pain while stretching. 

Contact Our Podiatrist in Freeport That Accepts Medicare

We realize that doing these foot strengthening exercises on your own can be confusing, which is why we invite you to visit The CEC Health Center so that we can guide you on your way to stronger feet. If you want to strengthen your feet and are looking for a podiatrist in Freeport that accepts medicare, contact us today.