How To Beat The Post-Holiday Slump?

After the holidays, you may not be very eager to get back to work right away. You got a taste of how it feels to have a few days off, and now you dread going back to the office. This feeling is known as a post-holiday slump. If you feel down about going back to reality after the holidays, it may be time to see our psychiatrist in Levittown that accepts medicaid. At The CEC Health Center, we seek to help our patients who feel down and strive to guide them back to total health. Please continue reading to learn some of the tips our staff may provide after the holidays. 

Ease Your Way Back to Workpsychiatrist in levittown that accepts medicaid

One piece of advice our psychiatrist in Levittown that accepts medicaid may give you is to ease your way back into work after a post-holiday slump. One way to do this is to schedule a short first week back after the holidays. You can do this by taking off one or two days the first week back. It will allow you to get adjusted to life back in the office. Another option is to not overcommit to new projects or meetings the first week back. You do not want to overwhelm yourself with too much work because you may not be ready to take on much if you’re in a post-holiday slump. It is more efficient not to overwork yourself and efficiently complete tasks.

Physically Restore Your Body

Another tip on beating the post-holiday slump is to return to work refreshed. Instead of sitting around and thinking about how your holiday break is over, restore yourself. You can make yourself feel refreshed by eating healthy and getting a full night’s sleep. Restoring your body will make you feel physically better, allowing you to heal mentally and get out of that post-holiday funk. If you still do not feel back to your usual self after restoration, reach out to our psychiatrist in Levittown that accepts medicaid. 

Treat Yourself Before Work

A different approach to a post-holiday slump is to treat yourself the week you return to work. You can do this in multiple different ways. Maybe you can indulge in a special goody in the morning before work. You can stop at your local coffee shop and pick up a new coffee or splurge on a sweet treat instead of your usual breakfast. These treats give you something to look forward to on your first morning back and can make you smile.

Arrive Early to Work

Our psychiatrist in Levittown that accepts medicaid may also recommend going back to work early on your first day back. Even though waking up earlier than usual does not sound pleasing, going into work a few minutes earlier can allow you to get a jumpstart on things. Over a break, voicemails and emails can stack up. However, getting a head start on things can allow you to tackle your work more efficiently. 

Provide a Positive Example

If you are feeling a post-holiday slump, your coworkers are feeling it too. Be a positive influence in your office and boost everyone’s morale. Wear a smile on your face and speak in a positive tone with a confident attitude. You can make others feel better, which can result in helping yourself feel better also. 

Asking Help From Our Psychiatrist in Levittown That Accepts Medicaid

If these tips and tricks do not seem to get you out of your post-holiday slump, it may be time to ask for help from a professional. A psychiatrist can listen to your concerns and provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment catered to you. Please seek help if you feel the following:

  • Debilitating anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Eating or sleeping disorders 
  • Extreme anger 
  • Periods of intense sadness
  • Rage
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Contact Our Psychiatrist in Levittown That Accepts Medicaid

At The CEC Health Center, we concentrate on the well-being of our patients. Our psychiatrist in Levittown that accepts medicaid wants to help you get out of your post-holiday funk and revive your mental health. We can give you tips and tricks to boost your mood. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our team, and we will do our best to manage you and your welfare.