The Importance of Regular Cleanings From Your Dentist

Between children and adults alike, the dentist may be a scary place. Some people try to brush it off and try to take as long as they can before going in for an appointment. However, it is recommended that one visits the dentist every six months for regular cleanings. So why is this important? You may think to yourself: I’m brushing my teeth twice daily and do not see or feel anything specific that would make me need to see my dentist. Continue reading to learn about why it’s so important to visit your dentist for a cleaning every 6 months and the many benefits that come with each evaluation. Looking for a dentist in Levittown that accepts Medicaid? The Charles Evans Center is here to help you and offer you a safe and comfortable dentist experience. 

Why Visit the Dentist in the First Place?

You may connect regular dentist visits with simply just cleaning your teeth and perfecting your smile. However, that is not that case! Regular dentist visits are very valuable to yourself and your overall health. At your regular cleanings every six months, not only does your dentist clean your teeth, these visits allow your dentist to: 

  • Detect cavities early– While examining your mouth and teeth, cavities may be spotted. The earlier they are caught, the easier and less expensive they are to repair and treat. 
  • Catch gum disease early– Many people don’t know exactly what gum disease is or looks like so having a dentist examine your gums will give you a better idea of your overall oral health. 
  • Detect early stages of oral cancer– especially if you smoke or use tobacco, you might be more susceptible to these conditions. 
  • Check your fillings– If you have fillings, they need to be closely monitored by your dentist to make sure that they’re secure, not defective, or have decay. 
  • Catch dry mouth or bad breath– Your dentist can catch these conditions as well as treat them over time. 
  • Review your oral hygiene– By visiting the dentist every 6 months, you can create a relationship with your dentist and hygienist allowing you to build and maintain good oral habits as well as dental hygiene tips. 
  • Protect your overall health– Studies have been discovered linking gum disease to heart disease and even diabetes, making it imperative that you do not skip your trip to your dentist in Levittown that accepts Medicaid! 

What Happens During a Regular Cleaning at the Dentist?

Between all the poking, prodding, strange noise, and tools, it makes sense why the dentist may seem scary. However, a regular teeth cleaning is simple and as pain-free as possible for some people. Understanding exactly what is occurring during this process can reduce stress and allow you to further enjoy your results and come back each and every time. The typical steps of a regular dental cleaning routine include but are not limited to: 

  1. A physical examination
  2. Removing plaque and tartar 
  3. Professional toothpaste cleaning 
  4. Expert flossing 
  5. Rinsing
  6. Applying fluoride treatment 

What Should I Do Between Each Dental Visit?

The standard and recommended times to visit your dentist are every 6 months, making that approximately two visits each year dedicated to your regular cleanings. This does not mean that you should only keep your teeth clean for these two visits, instead, you should be taking care of them each and every day. You may be wondering: What can I do in between each visit? Plaque is always forming on your teeth and you can’t rely on your dentist to clean 6 months of plaque off each time you visit them. Some helpful tips to good oral care at home include: 

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily 
  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride 
  • Floss daily 
  • Use a mouthwash daily to control plaque and bacteria, which also helps keep your breath fresh and clean 

Dentist in Levittown That Accepts Medicaid

In search of a dentist in Levittown that accepts Medicaid? Look no further! The Charles Evans Center is here to help you! Our team of certified and experienced dentists understands how scary the dentist office may be, but also knows the importance of regular dental cleanings. Looking to schedule your next dental cleaning at a reputable dentist in Levittown that accepts Medicaid? Contact the Charles Evans Center! Visit our website for more information, details on our wide variety of services, or to schedule an appointment at our dental office.