May Is National Healthcare Month

Taking care of your mental health is arguably just as important as taking care of your physical health. That’s why the entire month of May is dedicated to mental health, making this the perfect opportunity to take care of yours! If you need a psychiatrist, CEC Health Center (CEC) has you covered! In general, we offer a variety of behavioral science services in both Nassau and Suffolk County; including psychiatry, individual counseling, and psychological testing. Here are a few beneficial highlights of each of these services:


For many of us, all too often our voices feel unheard or misunderstood. Maybe what you are going through is too difficult to explain or maybe your friends and family just don’t seem to understand; regardless, a psychiatrist gives you a safe and neutral space to decompress. Not only that, but not all issues are on the surface. Psychiatry is also an extremely useful tool for pinpointing fears and insecurities. In doing so, an individual would ideally be able to cope with or even potentially eliminate those sources of stress. 


Individual counseling, much like psychiatry, offers a safe and neutral space to let go and express your internal feelings. Counseling may help strengthen an individual’s self-identity, encourage the exploration of new interests or hobbies, enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and — arguably most important — improve the use of healthy coping skills. These beneficial outcomes may lead to a decrease in symptoms of mental health issues.


The interview and test process for psychological testing does not just evaluate individuals but also empowers them. In this process, a patient is treated as a person rather than the ‘subject’ of some assessment. In general, an assessment gives the clearest picture of accurate results. Apart from objectivity, testing ideally helps identify and narrow down potential issues for the individual to work on jointly with the assessment giver.


If you are interested in any of these services, please do not hesitate to reach out and set up an appointment. Remember, CEC offers several services regarding psychiatry, behavioral health, and mental health. For patients who find that visiting the doctor can be a fear and anxiety-producing experience, CEC has created Social Scripts to help prepare for your next visit. Select the appropriate visit from the list on our website to see what you can expect to see on your next scheduled appointment.