Preventing The Flu

With flu season in full swing, you must monitor you, and your loved ones, for symptoms of the flu virus. The flu can be extremely contagious, and when left untreated, more serious complications may arise. At CEC Health Center, our team is committed to keeping our patients healthy throughout the year. Here is some helpful advice on how to avoid the flu!

Strains Of The Flu:

When trying to protect yourself from the flu, you must first understand that there is more than one strain of this virus.  According to the CDC, there are three types of influenza viruses that affect humans, types A, B, and C. Types A and B are what cause the seasonal epidemic known as “flu season” each year.  Types C tends to cause milder issues than A and B and is not thought to have an epidemic effect on the population. To break it down further, Types A and B then get classified into a variety of subsets and strains, meaning there are many different iterations of the flu. Though each strain causes issues each year, the CDC predicts which one will be most prevalent on an annual basis, which ties into our first prevention method. 

Get The Flu Shot: 

As the simplest and most effective method of fighting this virus, getting the flu shot each year should be right at the top of everyone’s to-do list. This vaccination will help keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the flu season.  To determine which strain(s) this vaccination covers, the CDC gathers annual surveillance data to predict which ones are most likely to circulate throughout the “flu season.”

Wash Your Hands Often:

Another easy way to prevent the flu is to focus on consistently washing your hands. Due to its contagious nature, areas like handrails and doorknobs can be high-risk areas for contracting the flu.  Something as simple as washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds throughout the day can be enough to keep your hands free of the virus, reducing your chances of exposure.

Limit Your Time Spent Around Sick People:

No matter the time of year, staying away from people with the flu until they are no longer contagious is always recommended.  If, for some reason, you’re required to be around someone who is sick, abstain from physical contact with them. Handshakes and hugs should be avoided.

Stick To A Healthy Routine:

Although healthy habits are no guarantee you will not get the flu, giving your body the best starting point can help you to avoid getting sick. For the best results, make sure you are doing the following:

  • Receiving adequate rest.
  • Making time to exercise.  
  • Keeping allergies under control.
  • Eating nutritious foods.     

Don’t let the flu ruin your 2020! If you are looking for more ways to avoid this virus, or want to receive treatment fast, contact us today. At CEC Health Center, our team is here to help you fight the flu by offering immunization for the virus, medication (if applicable) and our helpful advice. Visit our website, or give us a call at (516) 622-8888 to learn more and to set up an appointment.