How Do I Know When A Root Canal is Needed?

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Are you experiencing symptoms such as persistent tooth pain or tooth sensitivity to hot or cold? These may be signs that you need a root canal. CEC Health Center is here to help you determine if you need a root canal and provide treatments to help your tooth pain! Our dentist in Wyandanch that accepts Medicaid can help you alleviate your tooth pain today. 

What is a Root Canal? 

A Root Canal is the treatment of an infected pulp in the tooth. A Root Canal removes the infection and the nerve and root from the tooth, cleans, fills, and seals the tooth. 

Signs You May Need A Root Canal: 

  • Usually, you would experience persistent pain in your tooth, which could be a symptom you experience when getting a root canal. You may be experiencing this constant pain all the time throughout the day or may share it recurring from time to time. There is usually pain that is felt deep in the tooth, jaw, or other teeth. 
  • However, swollen gums are another sign you may experience if you need a Root Canal procedure. Around the infected tooth area, it can be tender to the touch and can hurt as well/
  • Symptoms lead to experiences of sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and drinks can be a symptom of an infected tooth. Having sensitivity may feel like a sharp or dull pain suggesting an infected tooth. 
  • Tooth discoloration is another sign your tooth pain may require a root canal. An infection of the pulp causes tooth discoloration.

Contact our dentist in Wyandanch that accepts Medicaid to determine if you require a root canal, and click here to learn more about signs and symptoms you may be experiencing. If you experienced any of the following symptoms stated above, you should get it checked out immediately because it can lead to further problems in the future.

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CEC Health Center is here to help you seek treatment and pain relief for your tooth pain. By determining the causes of your symptoms, we can help you learn if root canal treatment is proper for you. Our dentist in Wyandanch accepts Medicaid can help. Contact us today to make an appointment and find out how we can help you!