Treatment For Opioid Addiction

Have you or your loved ones fallen down the path of addiction? Drug addiction is one of the most significant issues facing human civilization. Many studies have been conducted on addiction, and it has taught us a lot about how addictions develop and what we can do about it. At CEC Health Center, we offer medication management help in Suffolk county that accepts Medicaid. If you want to learn more about what you can do, keep reading. 

What Are The Signs of Opioid Addiction?medication management help in suffolk county that accepts medicaid

  • People suffering from opioid addiction regularly take opioids in a much higher quantity than originally prescribed by the doctor 
  • They might be taking the drug for the way it makes them feel.
  • They might take opioids even when they are not in pain. 
  • It has also been shown that mood changes may occur, such as excessive swings from ecstatics to aggressiveness.
  • They may experience irregular sleep patterns and a loss of sleep. 
  • They could try borrowing or losing medication from others so that their doctor can write them another prescription.
  • As well as seeking out the same prescriptions from different doctors so that they can have a backup supply
  • And even poor decision-making that may put themselves and/or others in danger.

CEC – Medication Management Help In Suffolk County That Accepts Medicaid

Not only does an addiction to opioids affect the individual who is suffering from it, but it also affects those with whom they surround themselves and are close. This can cause emotional, physical, and economic distress towards themselves and others. Often, addiction can also hurt their careers and lead to homelessness and even death if left untreated. If you are looking for medication management help in Suffolk County our therapists at CEC Health Center are here to help you through your journey to recovery. 

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If you or your loved ones are struggling with opioid addiction, our team of therapists at CEC Health Center has a plan tailored for each of our patients. We also offer medication management help in Suffolk county that accepts Medicaid. Addiction doesn’t have to be a battle that you have to fight alone. Start your journey to recovery now by contacting our office and scheduling a consultation today!