What Does a Family Medicine Doctor Do?

Many people think that a pediatrician is the only doctor you can take your child to, and adults can only see internal medicine physicians for their annual checkups. However, family medicine doctors are an all-in-one type of practice. A family medicine doctor can treat people of all genders and ages. That means kids, adults, and the elderly can see a family medicine physician. It is also possible for family medicine doctors to specialize in specific areas such as urgent care, public health, and sports medicine. Charles Evans Center has experienced Family Medicine Doctors that focus on providing ethical, encompassing care for you and your family. Suppose you are looking for a doctor who can help everyone in your family and for a doctor that accepts Medicare. In that case, we recommend you make an appointment with our Family Medicine Doctor in Hauppauge, that Accepts Medicare. 

General DutiesFamily Medicine Doctor In Hauppauge that Accepts Medicare

A family medicine doctor works to provide a range of services to help patients of all ages in the community. They primarily focus on the following:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Counseling: promote healthy living and specific lifestyle choices to promote health. 
  • Health Risk Assessments: to help identify family history and other predisposing conditions
  • Immunizations (ranging from childhood vaccinations to adult regular maintenance vaccinations) 
  • Routine Checkups: this includes well visits and annual physicals for babies, children, and adults
  • Serving as the First Contact for the Patient: A family medicine doctor will help make initial diagnoses and help connect the patient to the proper specialist required for further treatment.
  • Screening Tests: Completing testing to diagnose certain conditions/illnesses 
  • Treatment of Common Chronic Conditions: The doctor will monitor chronic conditions impacting the patient and prescribe required medications 

If you are looking for a primary care physician who can see your entire family, we recommend visiting our Family Medicine Doctor in Hauppauge, that Accepts Medicare. 

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Charles Evans Center provides a wide variety of services for our patients. We want to highlight our fantastic family medicine doctors who work hard to provide for their patients and focus on ensuring their patients receive all-encompassing care. We strongly recommend that you check out our Family Medicine Doctor in Hauppauge, that Accepts Medicare. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.