What is a Pap Smear?

Gynecologist in Brentwood that Accepts MedicaidVisiting a gynecologist is something so many people do every year. Charles Evans Center is a gynecologist in Brentwood that accepts Medicaid, and we see many patients every day. We are very experienced when it comes to women’s health. A common procedure you will incur is a pap smear. This is a super simple procedure to test for cervical cancer.

What to Expect

A pap smear is a very simple procedure that is virtually painless, and very quick. It involves a vaginal speculum and a cotton swab. 

An OBGYN will insert the vaginal speculum into the vagina. This device is used to hold the vaginal walls open, allowing the doctor to have an easier time accessing the cervix. Next, the doctor will insert a swab into the vagina, and use it to swab cells from the cervix. Once the swab has been taken, the swab is removed, and then the OBGYN will remove the vaginal speculum. The cells are then placed into a petri dish and sent to the lab for testing. 

Results from a pap smear test usually take 1-3 weeks to be returned to the doctor.

Pap Smear Results

A pap smear is a routine test, usually done every three years. Sometimes an HPV test is done simultaneously. The test is done every 3-5 years to ensure that if cervical cancer is present, it is caught as early as possible. A pap smear test will come back either negative, unclear, or abnormal. 

If you got a pap smear test, and the results come back negative, this means no cell changes were found in the sample. Your doctor will instruct you to get another test in 3-5 years.

If you got a pap smear test, and the results come back unclear, this means that there may have been cell changes. This does not mean you have cervical cancer, as cell changes can be caused by other things such as pregnancy, menopause, or a vaginal infection. Your doctor will do an HPV test to determine if any cell changes are caused by HPV.

If you got a pap smear test, and the results come back abnormal, this means cell changes have been found on your cervix. Cell changes do not mean there are cervical cancer cells present. Accompanied by an abnormal result, cell changes are usually caused by HPV.

At Charles Evans Center, a Gynecologist in Brentwood that Accepts Medicaid, we are experienced with unclear and abnormal pap smear results, and we will ensure we take the proper steps to protect your health and well being.

HPV Results

If you test positive for HPV, it does not automatically mean you have cervical cancer. This means you have HPV and could be a warning sign that you may have or may develop cervical cancer.

What Next?

As a gynecologist in Brentwood that accepts Medicaid, Charles Evans Center is committed to your safety and health. We will help you through an unclear or abnormal pap smear result. There are steps that are taken following these kinds of results. These steps are dependent on what type of cells are found on your cervix.

Squamous intraepithelial lesion- These cells can be indicative of cancer, they are not cancer cells. They are classified into two types, low grade, and high grade. Classification of low grade means that these cells most likely will not turn into cancer for many years to come. A high-grade classification means that these cells have a higher chance of turning to cancer sooner. Your doctor will most likely order more diagnostic tests no matter what grade they are classified as.

Adenocarcinoma Cells- If these cells are found in the pap smear taken by your doctor, it is most likely cervical cancer. Your doctor will discuss the steps that need to be taken following the determination that you have cervical cancer. 

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